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   Great operational reliability and reduced costs for the facade maintenance work of your buildings are achieved with:
The access system from INTERTEC.


Monorail systems

 Are used for suspension or support for trolleys, on these the platforms or ladders and gantries are traversing horizontally.



Aluminium ladders are the practical solution for the cleaning and servicing of inclined and vertical surfaces, facades and atriums of buildings.


Suspended platforms, BMU

  BMUSuspended platforms BMU make it possible to move workers and tools along the vertical sections of facades and walls of buildings at different height, ensuring access for maintenance and repair.


Facade climbing equipment


Passengers and load hoists are used to transport equipment and workers to places of work at height.


Installation platforms

  Installation platforms are designed for lifting of people and materials and ideally fit for effective organization of works at height.



  BMURemovable Socket & Davit system, mounted on the roof of the building is intended for cradle suspending. In most cases this system is a full alternative to monorail system.


Crane equipment

Crane equipmentCrane equipment is most universal of facade maintenance systems.


Systems of industrial alpinism

Systems of  industrial alpinismOne of the main mevits of these systems are their cheapness, and main demerit is a limited amount of works, which can be made.

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